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Medical masks manufacturer-Biqiao medical


In 2020, due to the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, it has brought serious health hazards to people and enhanced people's awareness of personal health protection. For many people, Masks have become a necessity, especially N95 masks. Then. How to use N95 mask correctly, what should we pay attention to when wearing it? Do you understand these problems?

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How to wear a mask correctly?

1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask, or avoid touching your hands with the inside of the mask while wearing the mask to reduce the possibility of the mask being contaminated

2. Distinguish the inside and outside of the mask, up and down.

3. Do not squeeze the mask by hand, N95 mask can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask by hand, the virus will wet the mask with the droplets, which is easy to cause virus infection.

4. Try to make the mask and the face have a good adhesion. The simple test method is: after putting on the mask, exhale hard, and the air cannot leak out from the edge of the mask.

5. The Protective Mask must be in close contact with the user's face, and the user must shave the beard to ensure that the mask can fit tightly with the face. Anything between the beard and the seal between the mask seal and the face will cause the mask to leak.

6. After adjusting the position of the mask according to your face shape, use your forefinger to press the nose clip along the upper edge of the mask to make it fit closely with the face.

In case of the following conditions, the mask should be replaced in time:

1. Respiratory impedance increased significantly;

2. The mask is damaged or damaged;

3. When the mask cannot fit the face tightly;

4. The mask is contaminated (such as blood stains or droplets and other foreign matters);

5. The mask has been contaminated (used in individual ward or in contact with patients);

6.The duration of mask use exceeds the recommended duration.


The N95 masks on the market are now out of stock, and many mask manufacturers are working overtime.

Biqiao Medical Technology (Henan) Co., Ltd. is located in Shangqiu City, Henan Province. The company mainly produces all kinds of masks, KN95 masks, disposable masks and children's masks. In addition, we also export gloves, Protective Clothing, goggles, Disinfectant paper towels, Hand Sanitizer, forehead temperature guns and other products. We have always adhered to the principle of unlimited service. Our mission is to provide customers with the best service and is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with customers to create a win-win situation. We are committed to taking customers as the first priority, providing quality products, and cooperating in good faith. If you have any demand for our products, please feel free to call us. We look forward to happy cooperation with customers from all over the world.

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+86 18537057666 He Xin

Business Type:Manufacturer
Product Range:Air-Compressors , Other Medical Comsumables , Respirators & Masks
Products/Service:Medical Masks , KN95 Masks , Disposable Medical Masks , Children Masks , Surgical Masks , Kn95 Masks Reinforced
Certificate:CE , FDA
Company Address:No.03,Jiangzhe Avenue,Industrial Cluster Area,Chengguan Town,Yucheng County,Shangqiu City,Henan Province, Shangqiu, Henan, China

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